30 Living Room Design Tips


    Tired of the same old style? Bored of last season’s soft furnishings? It’s time to rediscover your living room with an interior update. A style and accessory overhaul can refresh your space and breathe new life into a well lived-in room. The living room is the ultimate place to relax after a hard day so it needs to be a space styled to suit a calming yet cosy atmosphere; it should be a fresh yet welcoming room that will be the heart of any home. From a quick style update to a wall to wall interior redesign; whatever you are in need of The LuxPad has collected the best advice from industry experts for you to enjoy & share…

    “Choose accessories that really move you. Go with your passion not fashion. Remember, fashion moves on.”
    Sandra Jane, Interior Designertweet-tip

    “The focal point of a living room doesn’t always have to be the TV, pick a point of interest and design around it”
    Joe Human, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Small space? Make your sofa and larger upholstery pieces close in hue and value to your walls”
    Patrick Hamilton, Interior Consultant tweet-tip

    “Be generous with yardage! Any style window treatment looks richer when fuller”
    Barbara Horowitz, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Accessories make or break a room, so have fun with them. Add lots of light, colour, texture and at least one wow factor piece!”
    Rachel Best, Design Director for Oasis Interior Designtweet-tip

    “A living room is a place to let your personal style shine!  It should be comfortable, but filled with pieces that have meaning to you and inspire you. Perhaps collections or small mementos from your travels”
    Jennifer and Georgie Interior Designers at J&G Design tweet-tip

    “Use paint with a slight sheen to the finish to bounce light around a small room so it feels bigger”
    Jeff Andrews, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Accent neutral canvas with accessories to provide depth through colour, texture & pattern. The scheme can then be easily & economically updated”
    Paul Langston, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “If you have children, you’ll definitely have artwork, orient the art in symmetrical groupings and sophisticated frames for a custom & professional look”
    Joe Human, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “’Drapery’ is not a dirty word, even in ultra-modern spaces. They really help finish a room”
    Patrick Hamilton, Interior Consultant tweet-tip

    “An inviting living room exudes balance & comfort. Play with seating arrangement, ambiance lighting, warmth of materials, colours and flowers, to create the right canvass to display your personality”
    Beatrice & Isabelle, Co Founders of Nest Design UK Ltd tweet-tip

    “Hang your art where the middle of the piece meets your eye level”
    Barbara Horowitz, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “I recommend investing in great chairs rather than a sofa to clients. Chairs are easier to use in various settings & are easily recovered.”
    Courtney Lake, Interior Decorator tweet-tip

    “Use layers of lighting – from task to relaxing. Sidelights add to the atmosphere of a room”
    Deborah Moor, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Keep large furniture items neutral and introduce pops of colour with accents and a new pillow can completely transform your look”
    Jarred Epps, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Layer your lighting to create an ambient, relaxed entertaining space , with practical task lighting for reading or close-up work.”
    Gail Race, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Not every family photo has to be displayed, pick a handful and arrange them artfully with coordinating frames & mattes”
    Joe Human, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Every living room needs a focal point. It can be anything; art, a fireplace, a mirror, a wall filled with family photos, just not the TV!”
    Jemma Cowen, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “The presence of black in a living room creates character, interest, contrast, sophistication, wow factor, and drama! It contains all colours; therefore it will go beautifully with all colours.”
    Kimberly C. Lyons, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Update your room each season by changing cushions & throws. Add wool & faux fur for a cosy winter feel”
    Anna Maria Slater, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Every grown-up living room needs the anchor of an area rug.”
    Patrick Hamilton, Interior Consultant tweet-tip

    “Layer textures and patterns to create more visual interest and depth to the space”
    Joe Human, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “Tonal colour schemes create space and calm; avoid confusing the architecture with ‘feature’ walls”
    Alex Palmer, Interior Architect tweet-tip

    “The key to designing a successful living room is ‘flexibility’ for the space.”
    Rachel Laxer, Interior Designer  tweet-tip

    “Try not to overcrowd a Living Room with too much seating and allow decent circulation space between seating & coffee tables (around 500mm should suffice)”
    Karen Howes, Interior Designer  tweet-tip

    “Don’t be afraid of dark/light contrast! Our eye reads the “pop” more than the dark, so dark floors and white walls will actually bring more energy into any room while staying sophisticated”
    Barbara Horowitz, Interior Designer  tweet-tip

    “Try not to make the TV the focal point of the room. Use a work of art or a mirror to distract the eye”
    Deborah Moor, Interior Designer  tweet-tip

    “Do not be scared to mix and match fun and funky patterns to create bold and interesting contrast”
    Joe Human, Interior Designer tweet-tip

    “’Tea height’ coffee tables make so much sense for how we live now”
    Patrick Hamilton, Interior Consultant tweet-tip

    “Go for oversized furniture and accessories. A few pieces of oversized furniture instead of standard sizes will reduce the overall cost and it will bring a huge visual impact to your space. 
    Gianna Camilotti, Interior Designer  tweet-tip


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