34 White Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring


    While some people might say decorating primarily with white is boring, we think that couldn’t be further from the truth. White is a vibrant and bright color with an endless number of decorating possibilities.

    A white room keeps mid-century modern styles from looking dated, farmhouse style looking fresh, and sets the stage for Scandinavian design.

    The decor of a room pops against white, whether keeping it simple with natural materials and neutral colors or adding bright hues for a high-energy space. An accent of wood, whether on the floor or as a piece of furniture, goes a long way to warm up the starkness of an all white space. Remember that less is more, even with a white base.

    When painting a white room, consider that paints aren’t one-size-fits-all. A range of undertones in white paint can create a multitude of different looks. Benjamin Moore has over 200 shades of white, after all.  

    Enjoy these white room ideas!

    34 White Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

    white room freshome25

    Image: LQ SHOP

    Scandinavian Meets Mid-Century

    An eye-catching branching bubble chandelier and rich mid-century modern furnishings look timeless (read: not at all dated) against a crisp white backdrop.

    Effortless Eichler

    Talk about a clean kitchen. Soft lines of wood, both on the flooring and the ceiling, compromise the sharpness of the white cabinetry in this San Francisco classic home style.

    white room freshome28

    Image: Nathan + Jac

    Cozy Scandinavian Style

    Inviting textures in neutral tones add comfort and style to this living room, proving that shades of brown and tan don’t have to equal boring.

    Dreamy Boho Bedroom

    Bohemian, mid-century, and minimalist design styles all come together to create a serene, but not sterile, space. We love the vintage-inspired dresser, and how nothing else in the room fights for attention.

    Shades of Grey

    Don’t underestimate how peaceful and captivating a grey color palette can be. The white base to this room allows it to remain bright and lively, while the grey tones make it livable and minimalist.

    Creative Cutouts

    This home takes wood detailing a step further with built-in cutouts that break up the consistency of the white walls.

    Industrial Reborn

    Warehouse, meet new house. The white walls and ceiling accentuate the character found in the both steel framed windows and industrial lighting of this once-factory.

    white room freshome33

    Image: Gem + Elli

    Bohemian Beauty

    This white bedroom features several softening details, from a sheer canopy draping from beam to bed, to the natural fiber accents in the bench, basket, and rope that give this room its hip vibe.

    A Nordic Kitchen

    This kitchen and dining space create their Scandinavian look with a combination of white and wood. The white paint stays dynamic with its blue undertone, while the wood remains soft and warm for the perfect balance of color and texture.

    Country Living

    A country kitchen gets a fresh upgrade with a coat of white, which accents details including French doors and paned glass above the cabinets.

    Modern Marble

    In this all-white space, a gray on white wrapped marble countertop subtly steals attention, while dark wood flooring provides a stunning color contrast.

    White Water

    The simple beauty of this bathroom leads the eye right to the modern soaking tub and out at a picturesque view. What makes this room really pop? It’s the black framing on the wall-sized window.

    Mid-Century Entry

    Four major pieces create a warm and stylish entryway that looks both tidy and lived in — the ultimate combination.

    Contemporary Cohesion

    Simple detailing on the white cabinetry, shiny chrome fixtures, and dark wood flooring make this white kitchen a chef-worthy space.

    Minimalist Meals

    This city apartment looks lavish with little, made beautiful with a few signature pieces: an oversized pendant lamp, an oak dining set. Fresh greens bring this look to life.

    white room freshome6

    Image: Bowerhouse

    Wicker Wonderful

    Bohemian meets minimalist in this simple space for sleeping. Island-inspired wicker furnishings bring softness to this blank canvas, paired with richly patterned bedding.

    Island Life

    A taste of the tropics comes thought in this neutral living room, accentuating arched French doors, rich wood beams, and a pop of green — inside and out.

    white room freshome8

    Image: Urban Angles

    Truly Minimalist

    Seriously. But what keeps this space interesting and design-forward is the use of wood and the warm lines it creates throughout the open floor plan. Too much or just right?

    Cozy Cottage

    This white washed remodel gets interesting with the several different surfaces creating different lines. The change from subway tile to shiplap is accentuated with black grout for a crisp look.

    For Fresh Ideas

    And meetings you may actually enjoy. This Scandinavian-inspired office space keeps cool with monochromatic colors and wood accents. We love the big bookshelf and the black pendant lamps.

    A Dash of Red

    A few Persian rugs make all of the difference in the modern space, adding eye-catching color and highlighting the beautiful wood flooring.

    The Updated Farmhouse

    Beamed barn ceilings and French country kitchen design pop with a soft shade of white that keeps the large cooking and dining space looking its best. What gives this kitchen dimension? Take a look at all of the various types of light sources.

    Stunning Stone

    This contemporary kitchen gets a designer upgrade with a white and gray stone backsplash that adds shine and splendor. We also love the way the pendant lamps seem to mirror the barstools.

    White, Bright Workspace

    Flawlessly bright walls and flooring make way for this large corner wooden desk to really shine. A floor to ceiling window offers a break from the white with a welcome splash of green.

    Cabin Fever

    Another splash of green, credit of this shag rug. With so much original character in the walls and fireplace, the furnishings are complimentary with soft lines and a whimsical cool shades.

    The Perfect Porch

    It’s hard not to love a space with a hanging chair and water views. This porch is no exception. Whitewashed wood walls get a perk from a vintage teal dresser and, of course, that cozy chair.

    Serene Sunroom

    Shabby chic furnishings in this farmhouse-style home make this the perfect spot for DIYs, reading, or writing.

    Modern Marvel 

    Even dressed in white, these edgy stairs make quite the statement in this loft. Adding softness is a warm bohemian rug and deep gray couch.

    white room freshome19

    Image: Britse & Co

    Scandinavian Corner

    Would Andy Warhol have liked this room? With a warm white tone layered in black patterns and wood accents, who wouldn’t?

    Mostly Mid-Century

    This bedroom design becomes a timeless piece with bright walls to bring out these beloved furnishings. We love how the colors on the bed add a modern pop to dated pieces.

    Standout Hardwood Flooring

    Why let anything take away from these incredible floors?

    Au Natural

    Earth tones and natural textures were made for Nordic design styles, which is why chopped firewood, a floral painting, and modern lamp can coexist beautifully in a small white room

    white room freshome23

    Image: Wida Design

    Stark Simplicity

    A heavy dose of white feels livable with the addition of a few textured throws, black detailing in the art and accessories, and a pop of plant life. It’s the 1 2 3 of Scandinavian design.

    So Springy 

    This white room uses pastel colors to keep the lovely pop of spring alive all season long. While pastels can be tricky, using them in small doses and pairing them with other textures and tones (i.e. copper and leather, as seen) keeps them from getting too much like an Easter basket.

    What white room featured here is your favorite? Chime in on social media or in the comments section below, and let us know what you think!

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