How to Decorate with Dulux’s Colour of the Year: Cherished Gold


    Once again, Dulux has released its influential colour predictions for next year. The 2015 Colour of the Year, Copper Blush, ensured that golds, metallics and earthy palettes came to the fore of design spheres and this trend looks set to continue this year. As we briefly explored when the announcement was first released, Cherished Gold has been chosen as the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2016. A versatile and inviting hue that strikes a perfect balance between the traditional and the modern, Cherished Gold is set to become a staple in the interior designer’s toolbox in the coming months.

    Here at Tips Home Design, not only are we keen to keep up-to-date with the latest colour trend forecasts, but we are also particularly excited to start thinking about how we might apply the Cherished Gold trend to our own homes. Whether used to bring a subtle nod of colour to a neutral palette of browns and greys or used in a bold accent piece for a more modern finish, we can’t wait to start decorating with Cherished Gold in 2016.

    With this in mind, we’ve put together a collection of top tips from 16 of our favourite interior designers to help you Go for Gold in 2016!

    “Cherished Gold to me is a quite a natural warm autumnal colour, which as you would see in nature works well with colours such as burgundy and brown.  However if you’re looking to use it in a brighter, cheery, contemporary way then use Cherished Gold as a base colour for your sofa and team with vibrant patterned cushions in teal and mustard as I have done so here at one of my client’s home.”

    Bhavin Taylor, Interior Designer

    Top tip:  Add Cherished Gold cushions to your old furniture to inject a new lease of life

    Bhavin Taylor Design

    Seasons in Colour Jenny

    “Call it mustard yellow, call it saffron, the truth is that Cherished Gold has been featured in many homes for some time now as it goes well with two more colours that have been trending in the recent years: blue and grey. Shown here within a barn conversion, combined with mouse grey panels to create layers and 3D texture, this colour is calming without being boring. Less humorous and definitely not as offensive as the lighter colours of yellow, it can still highlight room features in a delightful way and would work perfect in period homes for that ‘old English’ style. I would also love to see it as an accent colour on doors within monochrome abodes!”

    Jenny Kakoudakis, Interiors Blogger 

    Top tip: Draw attention to stunning period features using accents of Cherished Gold

    “I felt that Cherished Gold really combined the continuing trend for gold and brass finishes with a touch of the 70s about it.  Rather than a sandy cream colour, Cherished Gold has a grey element to it making it much more useable in today’s schemes. I used it in a corner of this living room where I placed a small seating area. The shape of these gold legged chairs combined with the velvet fabric, sums up the aesthetic of Cherished Gold; a nod to the 70s whilst sitting perfectly  next to a modern geometric rug and brick wallpaper. Even the rug has glimpses of the gold in its pattern.  Everything that shimmers is indeed Cherished Gold!”

    Ed O’Donnell, Interior Designer

    Top tip: Embrace the versatility of Cherished Gold and use it on the floor, walls or furniture

    Ed Design OD

    Katie Malik

    “Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this, no.” Pablo Picasso

     “Dulux Colour of the Year, Cherished Gold, can be put confidently together with many other hues. The colour belongs to both a natural and neutral colour palette. With subtle brown undertones, the colour works perfectly alongside natural materials, such as rocks and soil, or perhaps alongside sculptures in similar tones. It could also help accentuate the deep browns in the complex wood-inlay floor.

    Cherished Gold is not a clean colour, but it is complex pairings that make it interesting. Team it with emerald green tinted with white, discolour with a soft grey blue and mute with grey and/or brown for a complex, sophisticated palette!”

    Katie Malik, Interior Designer

    Top tip: Use Cherished Gold alongside earthy colours and textures to create a natural, rustic look

    “Brass, copper, rose gold and gold/metallic effects are everywhere and as a result have had a powerful impact on the aesthetics of the bathroom. From ceramics glazed in metallic finishes to mirrors, furniture and brassware, the influence of warm-toned metals impacted across every aspect. Glass Design have shown sculptural freestanding basins in a muted gold finish – very similar to the ‘Cherished Gold’ shade – and Dornbracht showed brassware in the same range of metals. This trend is likely to have a radical effect on the bathrooms of the future.”

    Dan Cook, Designer

    Top tip: Maximise your use of metallics and include Cherished Gold even in your bathroom

    CP hart

    Cassidy Hughes

    “The great thing about this colour is it works really well with both warm and cool palettes, so it’s incredibly versatile.

    I would try painting a sliding pocket door or the inside of a door frame for an unexpected flash of colour in an otherwise neutral space.  The addition of the gold door in the attached kitchen was an easy way to add a bit of vibrancy and quirkiness to the space.”

    Cassidy Hughes, Interior Designer

    Top tip: Make a statement and use Cherished Gold as an unexpected pop of colour in rooms

    “Cherished Gold, Dulux Colour of the Year 2016 offers so many possibilities! It’s funny actually, as interior designers we try to avoid the word “trend” as each client we work with is entirely different no two of our projects are ever alike. However when we heard that next years big colour was going to be Cherished Gold it made us smile. We have been working on a large house renovation for the past 12 months and Cherished Gold features heavily. We are using it with a deep blue, stone colour and lots of brass accents. The gold colour looks amazing against the blue and would work equally well with grey or burgundy. It’s a fantastic highlight colour and seems a natural progression from the popular ‘Copper Blush’.”

    Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, Interior Designers

    Top tip: Pair Cherished Gold with a sky blue for an inviting yet sophisticated interior

    2 lovely gays

    Pippa J

    “It was no surprise when Cherished Gold was chosen as colour of the year as it’s been talked about for some time now. This rich hue has been cropping up in various shades as well as materials, it has not only dominated the interiors world but also the catwalks and architecture.  However, the main question is how to use this colour within the home?  My advice would be to use it sparingly and think a little outside the box. There are many creative paint techniques that use colour to define a space rather than painting a whole room and this is very much where paint trends are heading. One idea is to paint just the bottom half of a wall, it’s a modern play on a traditional technique and works particularly well in bedrooms and hallways, or, painting the outside edge of internal doors, a subtle way to introduce a flash of colour. This can also be applied to the edges of steps, as in the picture below­­­­, but if using this technique I would ramp up the vibrancy and move more towards canary yellow. Other ideas are using a single painted panel to zone a space, such as a work area, or to combine gold as part of a geo design.”

    Pippa Jameson, Interior Stylist and Consultant

    Top tip: Get creative! Explore new paint trends and techniques to really modernise your look with Cherished Gold

    “The wonderful thing about Cherished Gold is that it is warm and welcoming, without being overpowering and can therefore be teamed with both rich, bold colours and cool neutrals, as in this study/media room I set up for the House & Garden Exhibition at Olympia. The Cherished Gold around the Black American Walnut and red lacquer joinery tones down the gold metallic wallpaper to the left, but warms up the silver-grey silk wall paneling on the right.  A perfect blend for a room that needs to look good day and night.”

    Dean Keyworth, Interior Designer

    Top tip: Use Cherished Gold to dress up or tone down a room as required

    Dean keyworth

    Kimberly Duran

    “The beauty of Cherished Gold is that it combines beautifully with so many other shades. In my own living room, my small gold settee adds a pop of colour to shades of grey and white. Consider using it to bring a touch of brightness to a neutral palette with lots of green plants and warm metallics for a fresh take on traditional style.”

    Kimberly Duran, Interior Designer and Blogger

    Top tip: Create a light, fresh and modern look by combining a neutral backdrop, natural greenery and Cherished Gold accessories such as a mirror or sofa

    “We love Cherished Gold as an accent; layer it in to add texture, depth, and lustre. For a more subtle introduction, patterns, prints or textiles with a tonal gradation are a great start. A fresh nailhead detail will upgrade your furnishings. And instead of white, consider a golden ceiling, whether painted or papered, counter balanced by an area rug with even a tiny hint of the same warm hue.”

    Christina Mogk, Interior Designer

    Top tip: Customise Cherished Gold to suit your home. Go bold with painted ceilings or keep it subtle and use only to add texture and depth

    mecc interiors inc - 1v2

    Jackie Piper

    “Cherished Gold is a warm and wonderful colour for the home.

    If you are not quite ready to take the plunge and paint a wall, an easy way to get the on-trend look is with objects and home accessories. Simply set the table with some new mats or table linen in this tone, or add in some drinking glasses to bring the trend to your table. Our charming handblown drinking tumblers capture this golden tone and will add a golden sparkle as the evenings draw in.”

    Jackie Piper, Co-Founder of Designed in Colour

    Top tip: Brighten up your meal times by introducing kitchen accessories in Cherished Gold to your home

    “When I was asked to give a tip about how to use this beautiful and demanding colour I remembered a photo from Arte Wall coverings showing 3 of my favourite elements when designing combined in such a way that the outcome is that of an informal elegance, opulent and restrained at the same time. Those elements are: The wallpaper for creating a striking statement; dark grey on the wall which adds severity and balance to the scheme and touches of brass on the furniture which acts as a subtle but effective transition between the grey and the cherished gold. Gorgeous!!!”

    Diego Correa, Interior Designer

    Top tip: Use Cherished Gold alongside greys to create a balanced palette


    chris carroll

    “Dulux Cherished Gold has deep, rich qualities, so it instantly creates mood in a space. If you want to keep the look more masculine, consider splashing it on walls and introducing dark wood tones in the room to complement the depth of the hue. Deep blues also team well with Cherished Gold.

    To balance out any potential heaviness, bring in glassware or ceramics in sky blue or teal tones, and never shy away from dusty pink as an accent; it’s great for lightening the mood!”

    Chris Carroll, Stylist and Blogger

    Top tip: Create a polished, masculine look by placing dark wood pieces alongside a Cherished Gold backdrop

    “Cherished Gold is a beautiful rich colour that can be used to enhance a space. Using accents of Charcoal and white throughout can create a dramatic look and give you a more of a grunge and relaxed feel for a modern home. Here we have used textured wallpaper and some accent cushions to create this palette.

    Being such a rich colour in tone it could also work beautifully in a more traditional home capturing the reds and gold tones and also incorporating some blacks and neutrals and accents of white throughout. For example trims, architraves, skirting boards and doors in  Antique White USA (Dulux) can be used to create a more of a fresh look and can make the space feel very warm and an inviting and pleasant space to relax and enjoy a glass of your favourite wine. Cushion accents can be in black with beautiful beaded detailing with shell inlays and mixing it up with some lighter neutral tones.

    Cherished Gold is a great colour that can be incorporated in just about any design scheme using different accents of colours to achieve a particular style and look.”

    Marilyn Estephan, Interior Designer

    Top tip: Adapt Cherished Gold to suit a modern or traditional interior


    rachel laxer

    “Cherished Gold is a rich and sunny colour that in essence symbolizes glamour and is the ‘fairy dust’ layer to a room. One of my favourite design tricks is to paint a ceiling rather than a wall; ceilings are easier to paint and also create an unexpected element. Try painting your ceiling Cherished Gold to create an exciting and luxurious room that will have your guests swooning over the gilded overhead.”

    Rachel Laxer, Interior Designer

    Top tip: Look to use Cherished Gold as a glamorous ‘finishing touch’ to any space

    We hope the above tips and tricks have left you feeling suitably excited and ready to bring Cherished Gold into your homes in the coming months. Head over to Tips Home Design for lots more beautiful design inspiration of all shapes, sizes and colours and even shop our Cherished Gold edit.

    All images courtesy of the author supplying the quote or stated in the picture with the exception of: Jenny Kakoudakis, Vtwonen | Pippa Jameson, Design Del Colore, Decorist, Sköna hem, My Attic | Katie Malik, Jessica Shaool | Chris Carroll, Panda’s House | Rachel Laxer, The Op Life.

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