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    Whether you are looking for a one of a kind work of art, the perfect wallpaper,  or a new statement piece of furniture for your bedroom, there is now a host of apps available to help you with your latest interior project. The LuxPad spoke to interior design industry experts to find out their top app choices, what they use and why…

    Top 10

    1. Pinterest

    Pinterest  has very quickly become one of the most used apps for interior designers. A tool for collecting and organising the things that inspire you, you can create boards, get inspiration, and share you favourite images. For interior designers it had become one of their favourite and most used apps for gathering ideas and staying up to date with trends when working on projects.

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    top interior apps

    interior appsRegina Sturrock, Interior Designer

    “One enters into another dimension on Pinterest. The design world is your oyster on this one, and we often do our brainstorming here when beginning a new project.”

    interior appsLaura Butler-Madden, Interior Designer

    “I adore this app, it’s amazing for inspiration. I use it to put together mood boards for clients, as well as asking them to create their own boards that help me to discover their likes and dislikes.”

    2. Instagram

    With 300 million active users every month Instagram has become one of the biggest social networks of our time. A fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures, you can follow people who inspire you for a feed of real life photos that you can use to influence your own designs.

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    interior apps

    interior appsDrew McGukin, Interior Designer

    “Instagram is a huge part of our business. Like most designers, it’s a super concise and effective way to share pieces of your process, as well as intimately define your voice in a way that is real, everyday and not riddled with spin-factor.”

    nT6_Hccw_400x400Joe Human, Interior Designer

    “The nice thing about Instagram is you don’t just have professionals posting curated/edited photos, you will have homeowners, designers, large companies, small companies, etc posting their daily finds and results.”

    3. Houzz

    On Houzz you can search for professionals, photos, projects and even products in your area or anywhere in the world. It’s the easiest way for you to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and the professional reviews you need to help turn ideas into reality.

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    interior apps

    deanDean Keyworth, Interior Designer

    “Houzz provides a quick and easy way for designers and clients to share information. As a design practice, it also allows us to showcase our work and reach out to a wider audience”

    tYmMoLtPJane Eve Anderson, Interior Designer

    “Houzz is great for pulling room sets and the ideas book is brilliant for sharing with your clients who live overseas or can’t meet in person so much.”

    4. Dulux Visualizer

    Created by one of the UK’s most well known paint brands, the Dulux Visualizer is an app to help you chose the perfect colour for your next decorating project. It enables you to try out instant colour scheming live in your interior, with the help of augmented reality technology. No messy paint work!

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    interior apps

    2iZs5Nt-_400x400Lucy Gough, Interior Stylist

    “This really helps when you want to confirm that the ideas in your head will really work on the walls of your home.”

    FWSoB9SE_400x400Mike Ahern, Interior Designer

    “This app enables me to photograph a room and literally visualise this painted in one or more of over 1200 Dulux colours – particularly useful when I’m carrying out an initial on-site consultation with a client. Interior design on-the-go!”

    5. Photomeasures

    Photomeasures has changed the way you note down all the necessary measurements you need for your latest interior project. Simply take a photo of your room, draw on the measurements you need then save them safely on your phone to refer to later. It’s the most organised way to take, save and share measurements.

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    sjStephan Jones, Interior Designer 

    “When I am shopping for furniture it’s easy to forget about the room measurements because you are so in love with a piece, this then leads us to the ‘oopsy-daisy’ furniture delivery and with yet another design dilemma. Photo Measures allows us to draw in a room and quickly refer to the measurements. “

    interior appsAnita Kohn, Interior Designer

    “This app is great for fingers of any size! The app allows you to take an image of an area and upload arrows to indicate measurements. When drawing the arrows it zooms in to your indicated area allowing you to see exactly where and what you’re measuring.”

    6. Facebook

    Although Facebook isn’t solely an interiors app, it’s the biggest social network in the world. With over 900 million active users every month there are thousands of inspiring interior pages created by your favourite blogs and interior designers enabling you to have the best interior content right at your fingertips.

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    banner4_400x400Ceri Murray, Interior Designer

    “Not a design tool as such but we use it to instantly share any brilliant products/designs we find on our travels with our followers. We also ask our customers to review our services here and we keep up to date posts about ongoing projects.”

    a_pYpRHq_400x400Sophie Patterson, Interior Designer

    “I don’t use Facebook personally but I love discussing interiors on our interiors page with likeminded design obsessed people.”

    7. myPANTONE

    Create colour palettes on the go with the myPANTONE app created by world-renowned colour experts Pantone. The app allows you to capture and extract colours from photos matching it to the closest Pantone colour, create and share inspiring colour schemes and you can even use it to calibrate your devices to colour-correct your display.

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    icon175x175 (4)

    970441_668702446477258_1684777507_nJen Freeman, Interior Designer

    The Pantone app is fabulous for colour matching. I take pictures of whatever I want to match up (anything from fabrics to a nail colour) and the app extracts the colours from it and matches up to a Pantone shade – voila

    of_50_590_393_400x400Mary Middelton, Interior Designer

    “I use the mypantone formula guide to generate the RGB and HTML references of pantone colours – this is especially helpful if you’re creating a digital colour palette for someone.”

    8. Evernote

    With Evernote you can ensure all your notes, research, documents and webpages are accessible 24/7 on the go whether you’re in front of your desk or not. This app will make you super organised as it syncs your workspace between all your devices allowing you to be productive everywhere.

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    e3b7215698aa57a559d63ec70fcf5931_400x400Diego Correa, Interior Designer

    “Probably you can say it is not an interior design app but for me it is a great one  as it helps me to organise my notes,  projects, communication, etc. in  a very structured and organised way. Yes, we aim for beauty but beauty is order and clarity so this app has to be on my list.”

    PMwXiIfB_400x400Janine Stone, Interior Designer

    “Evernote is a one-stop-shop for the storage of everything from ideas, images, pdf’s text and research notes.  It’s first class and highly addictive with plenty of add-ons that make my life easier.”

    9. Benjamin Moore Color Capture

    The Benjamin Moore Color Capture app allows you to take a photo of anything that inspires you and instantly find a Benjamin Moore paint colour to match it. You can create custom colour combinations tagging them to your inspiration and even share them with your friends or clients on the go.

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    benjamin moore

    be6821894207587e2f74c720bfffcd5a_400x400Darrin Varden, Interior Designer

    “Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture in one of my favourite apps because it matches a Benjamin Moore color to a photo you take of any object/item.”

    10. Keynote

    Created by Apple themselves, Keynote is one of the best presentation apps out there. Allowing you to create and present beautiful presentations straight from your device it’s an easy way to present ideas and moodboards to clients on the go.

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    303ea948383e0310cc5ca8ff9eeb8d21_400x400Davina Merola, Interior Designer

    “Keynote is a very powerful presentation app which we use for client presentations when we want to show project portfolios, digital mood boards, spatial arrangements, furniture details etc. Very handy for site meetings when walking around using an iPad rather than a laptop”

    There are thousands of interior design apps out there and now we’ve rounded up our interior expert’s favourites, here are some of the others they also recommend.


    A marketplace for you to shop the most beautiful things in the world.

    my measure

    My Measures PRO
    An app perfect for storing and sharing object dimensions.


    The world’s leading fashion and design trend forecaster.

    Artfully Walls
    A quick way to see how art you are considering buying from the site will look on your wall.


    A professional grade angle measurement tool.

    icon175x175 (7)

    Daily decor inspiration great for DIYs and inspiration.



    Photosynth 3D
    Take wraparound panoramas and share them with your friends.

    icon175x175 (1)

    VSCO Cam
    Great for making your Instagram photos look even better.


    Another fabulous and creative image editing app.

    Stay up to date with this online tasking software.

    icon175x175 (1)

    The built in Apple feature that allows you to make video calls from your device.


    Haute Living Magazine
    A guide to all things luxury on the West Coast.


    icon175x175 (2)

    Joss & Main
    Get decor inspiration and exclusive daily deals on homewear brands.

    icon175x175 (2)

    The personal magazine that allows you to stay up to date with your interests.

    icon175x175 (3)

    The place to explore, collect and share artwork.

    Modular Lighting Instruments
    Get inspiration for your lighting project and explore the full Modular range.

    icon175x175 (4)

    Get digital sample images of fabric and wallpaper products from leading interior brands.

    icon175x175 (3)

    Get interior inspiration from your favourite films and TV shows.

    icon175x175 (5)


    Home and Gardens Magazine
    Discover real life homes, inspiring decor ideas and trend updates.

    icon175x175 (5)

    Create sketches, doodles or adapt images on the go.

    icon175x175 (6)

    Change the colour of different parts of your photos in a few taps.

    Genius Scan+
    Scan documents on the go and export them as JPEG or PDF.

    icon175x175 (6)

    Select colours from photos and create your own colour schemes or collections.

    icon175x175 (12)

    Get inspired and build your own dream rooms with real products.

    icon175x175 (13)

    icon175x175 (14)

    The HighBoy
    A marketplace specialising in Antiques and Fine Art.


    Studio Designer
    Online project management made specifically for interior design professionals.

    icon175x175 (16)

    A digital catalogue of all your favourite home decor retailers.

    Palettes Pro
    Another fabulous tool for creating colour schemes and colour matching.

    icon175x175 (18)

    Bubble Level
    The utility app that measures object alignment, angle measurement and surface flatness

    icon175x175 (19)

    Create an indoor floor plans with measurements by just taking a photo.

    icon175x175 (20)

    icon175x175 (11)

    Get interior inspiration by looking round other people’s real live homes.

    icon175x175 (7)

    The place to buy and sell pre-loved furniture and homeware accessories.

    icon175x175 (8)

    Pic Stitch 
    Create photo collages and combined photos into one framed image.

    Not only a catalogue, it’s also packed with tones of inspiration and handy decor knowledge.

    icon175x175 (9)

    iHandy Level
    A simple and functional level to help with any project.

    icon175x175 (10)

    Find inspiration and ideas in this vast collection of award-winning designs.

    icon175x175 (8)

    icon175x175 (11)

    The app that allows you to order and discover wallpaper samples on the go.

    icon175x175 (12)

    Discover online interior magazines with this digital publishing platform.

    icon175x175 (9)

    LivingRoom for iPad
    The app that allows you to plan and design your own space.

    Interior Design for iPad
    Create your own floor plans and 3D rooms.

    icon175x175 (10)

    The one click, super speedy photo editing app.

    icon175x175 (13)

    Homestyler Interior Design
    Test real life products in your own home within a photograph.


    What are your favourite interior design apps? If you think we’ve missed one, let us know below!

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