7 Christmas Colour Palette Alternatives


    Bored of the same classic colour combinations when it comes to your festive decor? Adorable Homes have put together their favourite alternatives for The LuxPad below…

    The year is slowly coming to an end, and with the countdown of its last days we feel the excitement of the approaching beautiful seasonal holidays growing ever stronger. This is also the time of the year when our homes light up with festive Christmas decorations. Whilst every family may have its own favourite theme, it’s always a good idea to try something new, even unusual. 

    Get bold and introduce a fresh new theme for your Christmas decor this year, to surprise your family and friends! We offer you seven fabulous Christmas colour schemes to inspire your creativity and to cheer up the seasonal holidays.

    Pure White


    You’ll never go wrong with this colour theme! Even if outside it’s just grey and there’s no snow, you can still enjoy the magical beauty of the season through creating your indoor winter wonderland.

    This year, instead of the traditional natural green, try a white artificial Christmas tree. For one, it will make a gorgeous focal point in your living room, and two, it won’t even need that many ornaments on. Dress the tree with Christmas lights, white garlands (paper or feather) and add just a few ornaments of your choice (little angels, stars, silver or gold coated balls, or mini-diorama balls would look fabulous).

    To complete the ‘pure white’ theme, choose all smaller decoration pieces in predominantly white. Use white candles of various sizes and ornaments mostly in white. But remember, to bring into focus the beauty of white you need to add one or two different colour tones to create a background or an accent.

    Image credit: HGTV

    Black, White & Gold


    This theme is all about breaking traditions. Black and white may indeed be a classical colour combination, but it’s totally unconventional when it comes to Christmas decoration. True, yet it looks gorgeous! It’s trendy, too! Designers seem to love it; it’s expressive in its clean lines and speaks of style and modern mindset.

    To add festive spirit and mood however, sprinkle lavishly with gold. Christmas ornaments, decorative pieces, candles, ribbons and any other small items in gold and gold-yellow will glitter and shine against the somewhat hard-line bi-colour background of black and white, to bring lots of joy and cheer.

    Image credit: Monica Wants It

    Green & Brown


    This theme honours nature in its superb raw beauty. It is therefore perfect for the Christmas decor of a mountain chalet, or a country villa. Yet, if you’re looking to create a delightful rustic ambiance, cosy feel and peace of mind, this should be your choice no matter whether you are spending the seasonal holidays in the city or in a small wooden cabin in the woods.

    Green and brown are colours inspired by nature, so it’s best to introduce as many ornaments and decorative items as possible made of natural materials such as natural wood, green/blue fir branches, pine cones, brown paper, burlap, etc. To complete the natural feel of your Christmas decor, add items of vintage and rustic design.

    Image credit: Kerry Kelly Design Lab

    Blue & Purple


    Christmas decoration in these two colours would be anything but traditional. Yet, fans of royal grandeur and extravagance will definitely love such a colour scheme.

    To ensure the regal appearance and feel of the theme, everything should be overindulgent and overabundant, both in numbers and use. Ornaments, garlands, etc. decorations should be applied in a repetitive colour combination  pattern, and practically wrap the Christmas tree in lavish excess, as well as dominate any other Christmas decoration item.

    This colour scheme generously invites silver and golden accents, too. So, for even more royal splendor and cheerful holiday spirit, glitter it all up by adding golden or silver elements against the colourful blue-and-purple background.

    Image credit: Celfan

    Purple & Grey


    Another unusual colour scheme for Christmas decoration, but on the other hand, it has some magical fairytale beauty and feel, which matches so perfectly the spirit of the holidays. Be it on the Christmas tree, the mantel centerpiece, the Christmas wreath on the front door, or the outdoor decorations and lights, this colour theme will bring lots of joyful and festive ambiance, both inside and outside your home. Moreover, its main colours may be represented in different tones and shades to create a yet better effect.

    Needless to say that the glittering accent here should be silver. Christmas gifts wrapped in shiny silverish paper, under a Christmas tree decorated in purple and grey, is a true fairytale!

    Image credit: HGTV



    If you are all for a festive party mood, this is your theme. It’s colourful, it’s cheerful and jolly, it’s everything you may wish for this Christmas. It goes perfectly well against the green of a natural Christmas fir tree, just as much as on an artificial one. The ‘trick’ is to cover it all from top to bottom in a multicolour blast of colourful Christmas ornaments, ribbons, bows, feathers, and painted thin branches.

    Be sure however to combine the colours of your preference within a single colour scheme or a couple of matching ones. Otherwise the colour extravagance may turn into a meaningless colour cacophony.

    Image credit: The Sweetest Thing Blog



    The ombre colour scheme is a hot trend this year in all aspects. So, why not apply it into the Christmas decoration, too?! For one, it looks beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, and on the other hand, it has a soft soothing effect. The best thing about it is that you can choose your preferred colours to shade from and into. 

    The ombre effect can be achieved in two ways. One, by cascading the Christmas ornaments and decorations in the chosen colour shades, arranging them from light to dark. And two, by first creating an ombre background using spray, and then add Christmas ornaments and decorative items in matching colours. Either way, the final effect will be stunning!

    Image credit: Little Inspiration

    This is a collaborative post thanks to Adorable Home Magazine which celebrates the finest and most popular interior designs, decor trends and architectural achievements.

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