5 Ways to Add Luxury Accents to Your Home


    Creating a living space that’s stylish all year round relies on a few choice accessories for each room. Whether you opt for contemporary or classic interiors, incorporating accent pieces alongside your furniture – such as textiles, wall hangings, lamps and ornaments – can bring intrigue and a luxurious air to your home. Keeping your walls neutral allows you to experiment with hints of luxe and blend different statement colours and textures. These are the key accessory trends to invest in…

    Play with Cosy Textiles

    With the winter months drawing in, there has never been a better time to welcome cosy textiles. Picking unusual textures and fabrics adds an attractive charm and warmth to a room, which can carry you through the seasons.

    Decorate your sofa and lounge chairs with plush velvet cushions in rich tones like aubergine, midnight blue or wine red, for classic elegance. If you’re opting for a more contemporary feel, try dusky pink, charcoal grey or  bold mustard yellow.

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    Especially for the winter months, nothing exudes cosiness quite like throws and blankets. Find the perfect balance between feelings of hygge and a luxe aura by draping a throw effortlessly over the back of your sofa or lying one at the end of the bed. Choose nude palettes and textures that contrast your other soft furnishings for a grown-up yet chic look.

    If you have bare-wood flooring, accessorising with rugs has the double benefit of keeping the warmth in and looking plush. Opt for an area rug for maximum impact and arrange your furniture to fit on the rug for ultimate style points. Think carefully about textures – a shaggy ivory rug is perfect for the winter months, or find a nude wool rug with a bold geometric pattern for a year-round look.

    Light Up the Room

    Bringing light into a room can work wonders on the general aura it exudes. Sultry low-lighting works well for evenings spent entertaining – find a statement floor lamp or a pair of table lamps with unusual bases or shades for your living room. Ornamental or sculptural lamps add a level of artistic flair, acting as a focal point to a room.

    Pay close attention to detail when it comes to ceiling lighting. Invite guests into your home and out from the cold weather with a warmly lit hallway, and impress your guests at dinner parties with an unusual lighting fixture over the dining table. Geometric shapes, glass bell pendants and low-hanging wide-brimmed lamps all bring a unique, luxe style.

    You won’t need to overdress your home with ornaments if you introduce decorative lighting.

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    Mirror Shine

    It’s true that mirrors can make a room appear more spacious. You don’t need to use them frivolously though. A statement gilded frame or an unusual shape can add a touch of class and make a room look much more welcoming.

    Mirrors aren’t just fit for hanging over the mantelpiece. Consider a triptych to act as a centrepiece on your living room or dining room wall, mount a decorative frame in your bedroom, or introduce a floor-length mirror to your hallway.

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    Choose Your Metallics

    One trend that instantly exudes luxury is metallics. Whatever the time of year, a high shine in your home can really offset the rest of your interiors. But the key to making this trend work is to pick just one metallics theme. Dousing your home in a mix of metallics can look a bit too extravagant.

    Decide which metal you want to work into your interiors, and apply this uniformly throughout your rooms. Rich interior palettes might better suit gold, bronze or brass metallics, whilst silver, copper and rose gold may work better for more contemporary, neutral colour schemes.

    Look for metallic ornaments and trinkets, light fixtures, and gilded frames, and remember: less is more when it comes to metallics.

    There’s never a better time to pick up the metallics trend than during the winter months. Plan your seasonal theme and deck the halls with either a gold- or silver-led colour scheme.

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    Statement Art

    Nothing adds character to your home quite like statement pieces of art. An oversized wall-hanging or painting can instantly brighten up a room and act as a bold focus piece. Whether you opt for a traditional painting or a modern art piece, this will bring life to your home.

    If you can’t settle on one statement piece, consider creating a feature wall with lots of smaller prints and artworks. Choosing the right frames to offset the artwork is just as important. Use the same style of frame in several different sizes, or create a really impressive wall by indulging in gold or gilded frames.

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    You don’t need to change your whole interiors to give your home an opulent feel. Picking out a few stylish accessories can help to radiate affluence and splendour – perfect for all those new year parties you’ve got lined up.

    This post was brought to you in collaboration with Essential Living. Essential Living is a London property developer with stunning apartments to rent across Islington, Maidenhead, Bethnal Green, Greenwich, Canary Wharf and more.

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