36 Tropical Decorating Ideas Fresh Off the Fashion Runways


    Fashion designers must have been dreaming of Bali Ha’i this year. The latest fashion runways for summer featured models in Hawaiian prints and lush banana leaves.

    Tropical patterns for home from the runway - freshome.com

    Tropical fashion runway looks. Photo (left to right): Max Mara, Patricia Bonaldi, Leonard Paris (2), Patricia Bonaldi

    Home design follows fashion closely and tropical style has started popping up in the coolest apartments and houses. If you love the idea of adding a little island-chic to your home or apartment, some of the easiest ways to get the look fast involve adding:

    • Tropical print wallpaper (pick the removable, easy to peel style if you’re renting)
    • A wall mural
    • A large, potted indoor plant like a fig, bird of paradise, palm, rubber tree or elephant ear
    • Art work in a gallery wall pattern
    • A focal wall in a painted emerald green or lime green
    • Accessories like pillows, a throw or area rug
    • Hawaiian print bedding
    • Tropical fabric for a headboard, arm chair or curtains

    Tropical Pop Art - freshome.com

    A tropical wall canvas trio in bright colors and a vase of saw palmetto cuttings add an island vibe to this living room. Photo: Homepolish

    Here are some of the freshest tropical decorating ideas bound to give your home a little bit of island vibe.

    Funky and Cool Tropical Living Rooms

    Panels of tropical wallpaper in an urban living room - freshome.com

    Tropical urban loft living with panels of banana leaf wallpaper. Photo: Z Gallerie

    leaf detail on lighting fixture - freshome.com

    Modern tropical design that’s subtle featuring lattice-pattern fabric and elephant leaves on a ceiling light fixture. Photo: Touch Interiors

    Emerald green accents for tropical design - freshome.com

    The jungle influence in this room comes from the pops of emerald green and the banana leaf throw on the sofa. Photo: Indie and Co.

    Banana leaf fabric sectional and wallpaper - freshome.com

    Fun, maximalist tropical design featuring leaf pattern wallpaper and sectional. Photo: Alex Fulton Design

    Tropical Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

    Tropical wallpaper nooks - freshome.com

    Avoid a paradise theme overload by using wallpaper sparingly; like behind these alcove bookcases. Photo: Rikki Snyder

    Contemporary resort decorating ideas - freshome.com

    Tropical design doesn’t have to always be green. This luxurious bedroom in blacks, greys and whites creates a contemporary resort look. Photo: Jigsaw Interior Design

    Island style bedroom - freshome.com

    Paradise-inspired design featuring a rich leather bed, house plants and Anthropologie tropical bedding. Photo: Anthropologie UK

    Home Office in an Island Style Design

    Tropical mid-century modern - freshome.com

    A light and airy salmon-color tropical wallpaper lightens and brightens this Mid-Century Modern office. Photo: Coordonné Wallpaper

    Tropical Inspiration Dining Rooms

    Tropical leaf painted wall mural - freshome.com

    A large and fluid tropical print is the dramatic focal point in this resort-inspired home constructed with rich, exotic, dark wood built-ins throughout. Photo: Area Planz

    Pineapple wallpaper in the dining room - freshome.com

    Whimsical pineapple wallpaper for island living. Rattan light pendants add to the tropical island vibe. Aloha! Photo: Chango & Co.

    Bring the jungle tropics in with a full-size photomural wall to serve as the room’s theme and focal point. The live, potted rubber tree does well indoors and adds extra dimension. Photo: Disbar Wallpapers

    Kitchens with a Modern Jungle Design

    palm print wallpaper kitchen - freshome.com

    This kitchen features an easy-to-clean vinyl palm leaf wallpaper as a backsplash. The look is tied in with other tropical print accents like tea towels and china. Photo: House of Hackney

    Kitchen tropical backsplash - freshome.com

    Update a tired backsplash by having a vibrant image printed in a large size and mounted behind glass to protect it from stovetop splatters. Photo: Lucy G Splashbacks

    Celadon leaf tiles - freshome.com

    A geometric leaf-pattern tile by Fireclay Tile in a celadon tone is tropical resort at its best. The crisp, cool celadon color pairs beautifully with white. Photo: M. Walter Design

    Minimalist Tropical Decorating for a Contemporary Feel

    A minimalist resort inspired living room - freshome.com

    Turn your neutral living room into a tropical oasis this weekend by adding some oversized, potted fig trees, modern tropical print throw pillows and chartreuse-color curtains to your space. Photo: Shaw Coates

    contemporary island design - freshome.com

    This contemporary living room has a tropical vibe thanks to small touches like the splashes of green and turquoise, an elephant ear plant, island-style throw pillows and the plant terrarium on the coffee table. Photo: Hamish Murray Construction

    Dark, rich leaf pattern wallpaper - freshome.com

    The pattern-leaf wallpaper in a dark, rich tone creates an intimate feel in this minimalist dining room. Photo: Brewster Home Fashions

    Bold Tropical Wall Murals

    tropical floral botanic wall - freshome.com

    When pop art meets island life. The bold wall covering in this living room is unforgettable. Photo: Disbar Wallpaper

    banana leaf wallpaper - freshome.com

    Accent your headboard and highlight your room’s theme with a boldly patterned wall mural or wallpaper. Photo: Michelle Workman

    Watercolor mural in a modern tropical design - freshome.com

    Although this wallpaper is dramatic, it feels light and airy because of the watercolor paint effect. The parrots in the pattern break up the green and feel three-dimensional. Photo: Coordonné Wallpaper

    Hawaiian floral wallpaper - freshome.com

    Florals are another big design trend for this year. This floral mural is inspired by Hawaii’s lush landscapes. Photo: Coordonné Wallpaper

    A Tropical Oasis Bathroom

    Tropical bathroom in an island style - freshome.com

    For a botanic bathroom experience, add green tones, rattan accents like a pendant lamp and a wallpapered panel in a lively, tropical print. Photo: Little Greene Paint & Paper

    Tropical Wall Art

    earthy tropical design - freshome.com

    A calming, earthier version of tropical Miami living featuring photo prints of tropical leaves and textured textiles in layered earth tones. Photo: DWD, Inc.

    Close-up shots of leaves and bamboo have been printed and mounted on board to create the multi-dimensional tropical wall look. The art is highlighted by the grasscloth wallpaper behind it. Photo: GM Construction

    Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

    Wallpaper and window film ideas for a powder room or bathroom add the tropical jungle theme to these rooms. Photos (top left, clockwise): Oonagh Ryan Architects, The Window Film Company, Kohler, Pal + Smith.

    Urban-Chic Leaf Print Wallpaper for a Modern Island Vibe

    Glam tropical patterns - freshome.com

    Rich greys and blacks update the tropical island look and make the effect luxurious and contemporary. Photos (left to right): Meredith Heron DesignJudith Balis Interiors, Creative Interior Design.

    Banana Leaf Fabric for Headboards and Curtains

    Banana leaf headboard - freshome.com

    Take a classic banana leaf pattern textile and turn it into a modern room accent like a headboard, pillows, curtains, an ottoman or bench. Photos (left to right): Adam Scougall, Burnham Design.

    Bright Tropical Prints for Decorating

    bright color tropical prints - freshome.com

    A tropical theme to your decorating is meant to be bright and cheery. Look for patterns and colors that are bold and graphic. Photos (left to right): Emma Blomfield, eDezeen.

    Regardless of where you live, tropical decorating is a great way to add some life and color into a room. As you see, adding tropical decor doesn’t have to be an exclusively green color scheme. There are plenty of other colors, textures and prints available ranging from modern and minimalist to lifelike photomurals to abstract interpretations.

    Which of the tropical decorating ideas did you like best?

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