40 Sublime Swimming Pool Designs for the Ultimate Staycation


    Nothing is more relaxing than lounging by a stunning pool and going for a swim. Many of us have to travel for that luxury but a lucky few have a backyard getaway featuring the latest swimming pool designs to “staycation” in.

    We’ve rounded up 40 of the most sublime swimming pool designs for you to enjoy. No sunscreen required.

    Indoor to outdoor swimming pool designs

    stunning infinity swimming pool designs - freshome.com

    This stunning Laguna Beach, CA, home features a contemporary infinity swimming pool that transitions from indoors to outdoors. Image: RDM General Contractors

    long contemporary indoor/outdoor swimming pool design

    This LED-lit pool flows from the inside of the home to the exterior. A glass walkway in the living room means the pool can be viewed from upstairs as well. Image: Des Rosiers Architects

    Organic-shaped swimming pool designs

    curved infinity edge swimming pool with a view - freshome.com

    The kidney shaped pool has been replaced in contemporary swimming pool design by large, freeform curved swimming pools. Image: NMA Architects

    swimming pool stepping stones - freshome.com

    The large curved pool features various sitting areas and pool depths throughout its shape as well as stepping stones for meandering. Image: Rolling Stone Landscapes

    The mix of sharp angles and curves accentuates the zero-degree edge swimming pool design while still providing an area for lounging and relaxing. Image: Pence Hathorn Silver

    contemporary dual swimming pool design ideas - freshome.com

    This contemporary swimming pool is a hybrid of a classic rectangular shape and a curved shape that softens the look and creates two distinct areas. Image: Rolling Stones Landscapes

    An architectural indoor pool

    architectural lighting design for contemporary swimming pools - freshome.com

    A London residence’s underground indoor pool is a work of art from every angle thanks to the use of glass and colorful LED underwater pool lighting. Image: Nulty Lighting

    Indoor swimming pool design ideas - freshome.com

    The same pool from a different angle shows how integrated overhead lighting and the glass staircase illuminates the indoor pool area to keep it from looking dark and cavernous. Image: Nulty Lighting

    Pools that are integrated around the home

    best modern swimming pool ideas

    A pool large enough to wrap around this entire estate. Stepping stones connect one spot to the other. Image: Harwick Homes

    wrap around swimming pool design ideas - freshome.com

    The swimming pool was designed to wrap around the house allowing for swimming access from any room while cooling the interior. Image: Visual Text Architects

    Outdoor deck swimming pool ideas - freshome.com

    This large, inviting swimming pool can be accessed for swimming and lounging from all lower-level rooms of the house. Image: O + L Building Projects

    freeform lazy river swimming pools - freshome.com

    The freeform-shaped swimming pool flows throughout the house like a river. Image: JB Pool Construction

    Infinity pools or zero-edge pools

    Contemporary black bottom pool designs - freshome.com

    A contemporary, black-bottom infinity pool adds to the property’s open-space feel. Image: John Maniscalco Architecture

    tropical design swimming pools and resort living ideas - freshome.com

    A dreamy, tropical resort-inspired swimming pool featuring a zero-edge or infinity pool design that flows into the stunning ocean seamlessly. Image: D Studio

    black-bottom swimming pool designs

    The focal point of this minimalist, black-bottom zero-edge swimming pool design is the view. Image: Below Magid Construction

    infinity swimming pools with a beautiful view - freshome.com

    The designer of this infinity edge swimming pool describes it as “total scenery immersion.” Image: John Onken Architects

    zero-edge swimming pool designs - freshome.com

    A small swimming pool looks much larger due to its infinity pool design which conceals where the pool ends. Image: Peter Glass & Associates

    Glass-wall pools

    cool glass wall swimming pool ideas - freshome.com

    The tall glass swimming pool wall next to the bar is a cool design feature that adds color to the lounging spot. Image: Apex Landscape and Brick

    glass waterfall pool designs

    This swimming pool takes the latest design trend of a glass wall to the next level by allowing water to overflow from the pool in a waterfall fashion into the hot tub area. Image: Tanby Pools

    contemporary glass-wall swimming pool design ideas - freshome.com

    The ultimate contemporary outdoor entertaining area featuring a multi-level, glass-walled swimming pool design. Image: Eco Outdoor

    glass pool design ideas - freshome.com

    A raised, glass-walled pool design highlighted by underwater LED lighting. Image: Pool Fab

    A pool with a secret view

    Glass bottom swimming pools - freshome.com

    This lovely, contemporary glass tile pool hides an interesting feature, shown below. Image: Lazaway Pool and Spa

    Wine cellar design ideas and underwater swimming pool glass walls - freshome.com

    A secret underwater glass pool wall in the wine cellar for viewing swimmers. Image: Layaway Pool and Spa

    Raised pools

    raised-edge swimming pool and river rock decorating ideas for swimming pools - freshome.com

    A raised-edge swimming pool has a zen vibe due to the black river rocked perimeter that catches the pool’s water overflow. Image: Pool Environments Inc.

    soapstone pool and raised edge pools and jacuzzi - freshome.com

    A raised hot tub in black soapstone flows into the surrounding raised swimming pool. Image: Zone 4 Architects

    Midcentury Modern pool designs

    outdoor living swimming pool cabana designs - freshome.com

    The ultimate pool cabana in an updated Midcentury Modern design extends the hours of swimming pool enjoyment in this outdoor living space. Image: Darren James Interiors

    minimal midcentury modern pool design ideas - freshome.com

    The minimalist lines of the Midcentury Modern home are duplicated in the offset swimming pool design. Image: Philip Babb Architect

    Mid Century modern swimming pool bridge ideas - freshome.com

    A swimming pool with integrated hot tub joins both sides of the Midcentury Modern house with a stepping stone path bridge across the pool. Image: Balfoort Architecture

    Zen pool designs

    exotic swimming pool ideas - freshome.com

    A Hawaiian home features an exotic pool cabana and multi-level swimming pool areas. Image: Architectural Design & Construction, Inc.

    outdoor entertaining and a zen pool design - freshome.com

    Modern zen pool design features Asian bamboo and many inviting outdoor elements for entertaining, such as seating areas and a fire pit. Image: Apex Landscape

    Pools with a fire pit feature

    swimming pool fire pit design ideas

    A stunning pool with a stunning view that can be enjoyed late into the evening thanks to an adjacent sunken fire pit. Image: Los Angeles Pool Builders

    swimming pool with sunken fire pit - freshome.com

    Swimming pool with integrated sunken fire pit area for lounging and entertaining. Image: Pool Stop

    Pool lighting design

    LED swimming pool lighting - freshome.com

    The swimming pool lighting design makes the patio area pop at night. Image: Lewis Aquatech

    colorful swimming pool ideas - freshome.com

    An historical Mediterranean house feels contemporary thanks to the colorful lighting effects in the swimming pool. Image: Distinguished Pools

    glass tile swimming pools and swimming pool lighting designs - freshome.com

    LED lighting is integrated into the glass tile bottom of this long swimming pool design. Image: Cipriano Landscape Design

     Long pools

    contemporary lap pool designs - freshome.com

    A long lap pool design that brings the outdoors in and the indoors out. Image: Exterior Worlds

    best pool deck design ideas - freshome.com

    This long, contemporary lap pool design includes a pool deck for lounging and entertaining. Image: TaC Studios

    Indoor pools

    contemporary indoor swimming pool designs

    A tranquil. minimalist indoor pool oasis for swimming regardless of weather and season. Image: Guncast

    indoor swimming pool skylights and swimming pool glass tile ideas - freshome.com

    An indoor pool with a graphic design features bold, cobalt glass tiles and round skylights that reflect round geometric shapes in the water. Image: Noxon Giffen

    Pools with a water feature

    modern swimming pool waterfall designs - freshome.com

    A modern pool waterfall feature is mounted on the wall, lit and placed at a height were it can be enjoyed from the living room. Image: Platinum Building Group

    waterfall pool ideas

    The heated pool area continuously flows into the main pool via a waterfall feature. Image: Pool Environments

    best swimming pool water feature ideas - freshome.com

    The house opens to the pool and the water feature creates a soothing waterfall sound to enjoy. Image: Forza Construction

    Which pool is your favorite?

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